“Manastira” Winery
Lesichovo Village, Pazardzhik District
Contacts: +359/887 065 635

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Mavrud Reserve 2017 

The wine has pale ruby colour with red fruit, mulberry and chocolate on the nose. The taste is well-balanced, with a hint of well-integrated oak. The wine has aged 12 months in new oak barrels.

The Legend

“A poor woman named Ilaya lived alone with her young son during khan Krum`s reign. A vine grew near their house. She gathered the grapes and hid them in a pot near the fireplace. One day Ilaya was surprised to find that she had made wine from the grapes. She gave it to the boy and he grew healthy and strong. Khan Krum had lions, which he used for guarding the capital during the night. One morning one of the animals was found dead. Krum announced that the man who admitted wоuld receive a reward. Only Ilaya`s son admitted for his bravery. The boy told how he was brought with wine, which gave him this exceptional power. Krum ordered the new vineyards for the country to be replanted from the vine. He called the grapes after the lad`s name – Mavrud.”